About Us

SecuraStock was founded by a team of distribution professionals who knew there was a better way to manage inventory. Our designs reflect years of in-depth user analysis and research to determine the most accessible, affordable and easiest to use machines – for everyone.

 Today, we boast the only fully patented vending system in the world and one of the most powerful, proprietary software systems in the industry. 

SecuraStock Inventory Management Machines

Why Us

Our products and technology are designed to drastically reduce costs, streamline your operations and optimize cash flow. Everything is fully integrated, automated and comes with a 3-year guarantee, so you know your inventory is secure.

Most Affordable

Designed, patented & built in-house, our machines provides distributors with 50-70% lower dispensing costs per SKU than other vending/inventory solutions.

Most Reliable

We have the industry's best - and longest - warranty, and all our products are backed by world-class customer service.

Most Secure

Cameras and patented software safely secure all your inventory - we guarantee it. Really. We’re so confident in the security of our products that we’ll pay for any theft experienced or offer a full refund. Period.

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We’re so confident in our security that we’ll pay for any theft experienced or offer a full refund. Period.

Theft Incidents

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