July 26, 2022

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Why you need the latest in automated inventory management solutions

Our previous post discussed the coil vending machine and its many flaws. If you haven’t already, check it out!  Let’s dive into another outdated inventory management tool: the carousel vending machine.

What is a carousel vending machine?

A carousel vending machine is similar to a coil vending machine in that it’s a big, tall box full of products. But that’s where the similarities stop—aside from the flaws they share.

But more about that later. 

Carousel vending machines feature a series of stacked rotating trays. Each tray is divided into several compartments where products are placed. 

For distribution and manufacturing, carousel vending machines often hold PPE, small MRO, general shop supplies, metal cutting tools, welding consumables, electrical components, and more. For the food and beverage industry, carousel vending machines can be refrigerated to hold fresh or frozen meals.

How Does a Carousel Vending Machine Work

When users approach the carousel vending machine, they press a button to browse through the rotating trays. When they find the item they want, they insert cash or card, open the compartment door, and grab the item within. 

Because the compartments are larger than the coil vending machine, a wider variety of items can be distributed or sold. And if the vending machine is refrigerated, healthier food options can be offered. Despite these features, carousel vending machines can cause an endless rotation of problems. 


A carousel vending machine is a large initial investment with plenty of recurring costs. For example, one carousel vending machine can cost between $2,000 to over $6,500!  That doesn’t include the energy costs to keep it running and refrigerated. There’s also the cost of keeping the trays stocked with items and products. 

Also, if the vending machine accepts credit cards, you must factor in transaction and processing fees—between 1.5% to 3.5% per purchase. 


Carousel vending machines rely on the perfect performance of many moving parts, including,

  • Driver motors to rotate the trays
  • Refrigeration mechanisms to keep food from spoiling
  • Technology to accept payment and lock and unlock compartment doors

Technology is great when it works, but it inevitably fails. Usually at the worst possible moment. When a mechanism fails, the entire vending process is interrupted until a trained technician can fix it. In the meantime, the machine is closed for business.

In the distribution and manufacturing industries, time is precious. No company can afford to keep its customers waiting because of a malfunctioning vending machine.

Spoiled Products and Lost Profits

In the food and beverage industry, carousel vending machines carry the constant threat of spoiled products. Not to mention dissatisfied customers. Frequent maintenance is required to keep the carousel vending machine running smoothly—another cost. But even with diligent maintenance, problems will occur.

For example, in the event of a power outage, a refrigerated carousel vending machine will eventually warm up, and the fresh products will spoil. But even for non-refrigerated machines, a power or internet outage may disable the machine from vending or accepting payment. 

The Future of Vending Solutions 

The carousel vending machine is one option for vending and inventory management. But there are so many other options that are more affordable, reliable, and versatile. We’re talking about SecuraStock’s line of automated inventory solutions. Whatever your vending needs, we have simple, smart, and secure solutions that make your life easier.

The SecuraStock

For example, our flagship product—SecuraStock—is the world’s most affordable, flexible, user-friendly automated industrial vending solution. It’s a dream for distributors and manufacturers because it stores thousands of individual items. And it’s customizable, so you can configure the storage space to meet your unique needs.

With four cameras, a universal badge reader, and a keypad, nothing can be removed without you knowing, so you know it’s ultra-secure. It’s a great way to monitor and track how your inventory is used, and does the jobs of 2-4 machines. Check out the brochure to learn how the SecuraStock can automate and streamline your vending needs. 

Why Us?

What’s so great about our automated vending solutions:

  • If the power goes out—No problem. Our machines feature a backup power station rated for 3-4 hours with no power to the machine. 
  • If the internet shuts down—No problem. Our machines don’t depend on internet connection to be fully operational.
  • If there’s an issue—No problem. Our proprietary heartbeat monitoring system constantly monitors the health and connectivity of each machine and its critical components. Any issues are immediately communicated to the internal control center and those responsible for servicing the machine. 

But best of all, there are no coils or carousels! All products stored in our machines vend 100% of the time—without fail. It’s time to step off the never-ending carousel of vending machine problems and join the millions of people enjoying the peace of mind achieved with reliable automated inventory management. 

Schedule your Free Live Demo today! Our team is eager to help you find the perfect vending solution for your needs.