Storeroom and Crib Inventory Management

Discover the ultimate inventory management solutions for your storerooms and job sites with SecuraCrib and SecuraPort. SecuraCrib allows you to convert any storeroom or existing space into a secure and automated inventory storeroom, providing easy and economical control over your inventory. Meanwhile, SecuraPort transforms trailers and conex containers into powerful inventory management systems, offering enhanced security with controlled access gates and motion-sensing cameras. Experience efficient inventory control, reduced waste, and streamlined operations.


With SecuraCrib, you can turn any room into a secure and automated storeroom, bringing order and efficiency to your inventory control. Setup is a breeze, with everything provided for a quick implementation. Enjoy the benefits of a fully automated self-serve crib, controlled access, and remote management capabilities. Explore the features of SecuraCrib, including inventory transactions, automatic reorders, notifications and reports, request for non-stock items, item check-in/out, expiry date calibration tracking, and more. Plus, benefit from high-security camera systems and optional RFID integration.


SecuraPort transforms any trailer or conex container into a powerful inventory management system.  SecuraPort is ideal for temporary job site storerooms and incorporates temporary contractors easily.  Controlled access gate and motion-sensing cameras ensure security of the inventory. The most affordable, secure inventory control system for trailers and conex containers, SecuraPort is the ultimate solution for job-site inventory management.


Take control of your customers' MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) mess with SecuraTrack, the affordable and flexible inventory management solution. With low out-of-pocket costs and a low cost-per-SKU, SecuraTrack provides you with unlimited access to your inventory data 24/7, no matter where you are in the world. Implementation is fast and hassle-free, allowing you to import your items, print barcode labels, and get started right away.  Say goodbye to stockouts and overconsumption with SecuraTrack's comprehensive inventory management capabilities. 

Flexible Configurations to Meet Your Toughest Requirements

Enhance the functionality of this system with our precision-engineered add-ons. Designed for businesses seeking streamlined operations, our add-ons offer increased flexibility, advanced security measures, and expanded storage capacity. Integrate the SecuraTower Add-on or SecuraLocker Add-on effortlessly. With the capacity to incorporate up to 3 add-ons, adapt your system to meet specific operational demands. 

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