Flammable Vending Cabinet

SecuraStock Releases the First-Ever Flammable, Automated Vending Cabinet

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Introducing SecuraCHEM: the first and only flammable vending machine with built-in automated inventory control and product tracking. 

Flammable Vending Cabinet
Flammable Vending Cabinet

Built to the highest quality certifications (including NFPA & OSHA standards), the 6 foot tall CHEM machine utilizes a patented “fusible link”, designed to automatically close and secure its doors when exterior temperatures reach a certain degree, protecting both the hazardous chemicals inside the machine, and employees, in the event of a fire or catastrophic event. 

“CHEM is our most innovative, secure, automated inventory machine and represents a growing demand from our customers,” said Director of Business Intelligence Apryle Davis. “No one else in the industry has been able to integrate the automation technology into the flammables and chemicals sector due to the heavy compliance and strict guidelines that come with storing these materials. This machine gives you the highest degree of compliance and security, while maximizing your storage.”

We have been disrupting the inventory management industry for years with our innovative machines that drastically reduce costs, streamline operations and optimize cash flow for our customers. CHEM joins an ever-growing list of affordable, fully-patented machines that use magnetized corrosion-proof bins instead of the traditional coils, motion-sensing security cameras and monitors that integrate with our proprietary software so customers can track and secure their inventory from anywhere. 

“Our company is driven to design the most streamlined and efficient way to manage inventory, with the highest level of security possible,” continued Davis. “The CHEM not only gives management peace of mind knowing hazardous materials are monitored and secure, but also that their employees are safe.”

We offer free demos of all of our products, which you can schedule online. For sales inquiries or to request more information about CHEM, please email or call 844.732.8727.

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