An RFID inventory control system designed for the most accurate and quickest resupply of parts used in production. iResupply is a Kanban Multi-bin System that adapts to any bin currently used by any customer. It’s combined with SecuraStock’s inventory management cloud software for ease of use.

Cutting Edge Affordable RFID Multi-Bin Kanban System

Storage Capacity

Handles up to 4 point of use stations. Storage: Unlimited SKUs and thousands of individual pieces.

Best Applications

Any production area with ongoing need for resupply especially where an existing Kanban multi-bin system is used.

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iResupply Features

⇒  Accommodates any range of products and bin type

⇒  Increase speed of reordering capabilities

⇒  Greater accuracy than manual tracking systems

⇒  Proprietary last mile cross-referencing bin process

⇒  All-in cost up to 5x less than other RFID systems

⇒  99% reuse of RFID tags

⇒  Tracking for hundreds of SKUs

⇒  Handles up to 4 point of use stations

⇒  Best in world 3-year warranty

⇒  Easiest system to service by distributor personnel

⇒  Maintains power even during outage

⇒  Minimal to no downtime

⇒  iResupply reads and confirms the RFID tag

⇒  Transmits data to the SecuraTrack

⇒  SecuraStock software stores RFID inventory data

⇒  Provides transaction level info & generates reorders

⇒  Adapts to any bin currently used by customers

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