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SecuraStock Pilot Program is a Success at Plastics

Challenge: Customer’s primary concern was securing a large specialty gauge worth several thousands of
dollars. Management needed to track access to the gauge and required a dedicated storage space where
it could be safely secured when not in use. They also requested storage for their less frequently used
tools, and wanted a vending machine with a check in / check out function.

Solution: The distributor branch and customer agreed that the new SecuraStock would be an ideal fit.
Employees open the machine via the badges they already have, which allows management to know
which employees take items from the cabinet at what time, and what time durable items are returned.
Also, there are four interior motion-sensor cameras, set at different angles to record hand movement
activity inside the machine. This device provides a large storage capacity for 100+ items the customer
needs. It also allows management to have control of their data—the customer performs all replenishment
and generates their own reports. Data from the machine is stored on a local server that management can
access at any time from any location via the internet.

Result: The branch engages in simple monitoring to ensure the program is running smoothly, but
otherwise customer is able to maintain the machine itself. Now the customer’s management team has a
peace of mind that their tools are safe from damage or loss, and employees know where to find the items
they need—which saves them time during their workday.

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