SecuraKanban using our proprietary iResupply 2-bin Kanban RFID system


An RFID inventory control system designed for the most accurate and quickest resupply of parts used in production. SecuraKanban is a Kanban Multi-bin System that adapts to any bin currently used by any customer. It’s combined with SecuraStock’s inventory management cloud software for ease of use.

Cutting Edge Affordable RFID Multi-Bin Kanban System

Storage Capacity

Handles up to 4 point of use stations. Storage: Unlimited SKUs and thousands of individual pieces.

Best Applications

Any production area with ongoing need for resupply especially where an existing Kanban multi-bin system is used.

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SecuraKanban Features

Accommodates any range of products and bin type

Increase speed of reordering capabilities

Greater accuracy than manual tracking systems

Proprietary last mile cross-referencing bin process

All-in cost up to 5x less than other RFID systems

99% reuse of RFID tags

Tracking for hundreds of SKUs

Handles up to 4 point of use stations

Best in the world 3-year warranty

Easiest system to service by distributor personnel

Maintains power even during outage

Minimal to no downtime

SecuraKanban reads and confirms the RFID tag

Transmits data to the SecuraTrack

SecuraStock software stores RFID inventory data

Provides transaction level info & generates reorders

Adapts to any bin currently used by customers

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