Transform Your Inventory Management with SecuraScan: Advanced Mobility for Efficient and Accurate Operations

SecuraScan offers powerful, portable inventory management with its high-tech software and industrial-grade performance. Equipped with a 2D laser Zebra scanner and a large 5.2" display, it reads all barcode and QR formats with ease. Perform warp-speed Cycle Counts with a single click, preventing over-ordering and wasted inventory. Enjoy unlimited virtual accessibility through cellular, WiFi, and offline usage, allowing multiple employees to search and view inventory from a single portal. Seamlessly integrate SecuraScan with our inventory management solutions for efficient and accurate operations on the go.

Effortless Requisitioning, Reordering, and Inventory Management on the Go

SecuraScan is a powerhouse product in a small package.  It integrates seamlessly into all other SecuraStock inventory management products and software but boasts even more control in the palm of your hands.  

Base Package Includes: Customized Handheld Professional Scanning Device, Includes VMI Solution with Check In/Check Out And Kitting, Docking Station Or Rubber Guard


Perform warp-speed Cycle Counts with a single click & Hi-speed reorder methodology prevents over-ordering and wasted inventory.


Cellular, WiFi & Offline usage capability. An unlimited number of employees can search and view inventory from a single portal and prevents using scanner for unintended purposes.


SecuraScan can be used stand-alone, with specific accounts, or to keep track of all of your storerooms. 


Equipped with our intuitive SecuraSmart Mobile App.

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