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Extended Warranty

All of our products come with a three year warranty.  This is by far the longest warranty offered in the industry.  Extended warranties are available for each machine.  Contact your Distributor for more information.

‘Club 500’ Concierge Service

For Customers who reach 500 or more machines in the field, we will staff a dedicated Concierge team who will be fully dedicated to that customer for all of their service needs. Someone you’ll know by name, who is eager to help you at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Machine Information

What languages are supported by the machine?

  • English, French and Spanish are supported.

Are the machines explosion proof or fire rated?

  • SecuraStock machines are NOT fire or explosion rated. However, users can vend aerosols and remain compliant with OSHA regulations. We recommend that users check with their safety compliance authority to be compliant with local regulations.

  • For flammable applications see the SecuraChem cabinet by SecuraStock

​​What is the suggested temperature range for the machines?

  • Machines are intended for indoor applications. The operational temperature range is 32° to 104° F (0° – 40° C).  For best results, the machine should be operated within 41° to 95° F (5° to 35° C).  The storage temperature range, prior to deployment, is 5° to 113°F (-15°C – 45 °C).

Can the machines be put uncovered outside?

  • No. The SecuraStock machine is NOT water tight and should not be exposed to direct stream moisture.

Machine Setup, Stocking & Access

What kinds of items can be dispensed from a SecuraStock machine?

  • Almost all maintenance, laboratory and office supply products can be dispensed. Typically, products measuring less than 5 ft by 2 ft in size can be vended. 

How many SKUs can be put into a SecuraStock machine?

  • A single machine can accommodate up to 200 SKUs – depending upon item size and the stock quantity. On average, a SecuraStock machine will hold 2 to 4 times the number of SKUs of a coil machine.

Will products have trouble vending properly?

  • There are no coils or carousels that might fail to dispense the product. Once you access the machine, all products vend 100% of the time without fail.

What if a customer wants to change what a machine dispenses?

  • It is very easy to change the product mix in a machine and on the software system. This can be done by either the customer or the Distributor. Any such change can be completed in minutes with minimal training.

I’m concerned that my employees might abuse other employee’s badges. Can a SecuraStock machine prevent this?

  • Yes. SecuraStock offers multiple automated access options including biometric fingerprint recognition and personal pin numbers as well as badge/keyfob entry.

Can SecuraStock machines limit the number of items an employee can dispense in a  given time period?

  • Yes, smart analytics can be preloaded with maximum dispensation per employee on item or category basis.

How many items can an employee vend at once?

  • Unlimited, assuming they are allowed by machine administrators to take that many.  Employee limits can be preset at any time or left as unlimited. 

Technical Information

What kinds of power/connections are required for a SecuraStock machines?

  • Each machine requires a regular 110V outlet.  All power overloads are handled internally by the machine. 

What happens if the power goes out or internet connections if lost?

  • SecuraStock machines do not depend on internet connection to be fully operational.  Also, each machine comes with a backup power station rated to operate for 3-4 hours with no power to the machine at all. 

How is connectivity monitored?

  • SecuraStock has a proprietary heartbeat monitoring system that consistently monitors the health and connectivity of each machine and all of its critical components.  Any problems are immediately communicated to the internal control center and from there to those responsible for servicing each machine. 


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