Manage Inventory Anywhere with Powerful Software that's Simple, Smart & Secure.

All of our machines come with our custom software suite designed to learn your business and automate all inventory management, tracking, acquisition & reporting. 


Access to: Advanced Item Tracking, Smart Cycle Count, Inventory Barcode Labels, Inventory Level Analysis, Nonstock/Spot Buy Requests, Inventory with Low Stock

Cloud Integration

Single Sign-on Dashboard: ERP, reporting, user management, data consolidation for all inventory tracking and requisitioning endpoints. Features include: Scheduled Data Offload, User & Product Watch Notifications, ERP Integration, EDI Configuration, Usage/Automated Transaction Reports

Automatic Software Updates

Continuous updates automatically updated in your system for fully-integrated syncing and high-tech performance.

Requisitioning, reordering & connectivity to inventory levels and approvals on the go with our mobile app.

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