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SecuraStock Inventory Management Machines

Who we are

SecuraStock is a world-class industrial innovation company that specializes in the research, design, and manufacturing of proprietary products that dramatically reduce costs while increasing efficiencies and profits. All of our software and equipment solutions are 100% designed, developed, and manufactured in-house in the USA in Cleveland, Ohio.

SecuraStock products, critical in the COVID-19 environment, offer cutting-edge solutions for industrial vending and inventory management. By providing automated, remote requisition and tracking of consumable and durable goods of all shapes and sizes, SecuraStock solutions create a zero person-to-person-contact environment critical for businesses to maintain a safe workplace.


SecuraStock is the only company offering POU, vending, storerooms, trailers, RFID, and VMI/CMI APP solutions for all inventory management.  Our equipment and supporting software will automate your management of every aspect of material storage and movement throughout your entire facility…both inside and out…wherever your inventories reside. 



You don’t have to be at work to check our machines. Our cloud-based software allows you and your team to access reports, monitor transactions and more from anywhere there is internet access.
You decide who you want to access to the machines.
With more employees working remotely, grant or remove employee access to machines and storerooms, and get any reports while you work from home.
Up to the minute transactions, inventory and location information can be sent to your computer at work or home.
Generate new reports at a moments notice. Enhance your Inventory Management with our detailed reports available at the touch of a button.
Our machines are very well- built and durable. We back our products with a 3-year warranty, the best in the business. There are no coils or motors to service or replace.
The awesome SecuraStock support team. It's great when you have a direct email to the support team to manage your request in a timely manner.
Anyone on a customer’s team has access to the information in SecuraTrack to compile data on what employees are checking out and how often.
We have a computer set up next to SecuraTrack to give them access to the locations of the stock. (It is hardwired into SecuraTrack only allowing access to that website.)
The system allows us to keep accurate track of what is in the cage giving the customer the ability to see what is in stock and request cycle counts for verification.
Our systems dramatically reduce product usage and waste, resulting in lower supply and operating costs.
No need to staff storeroom attendants during light shifts; employees can access products 24 hours a day.
Increase control and security. Our systems track consumption by individual user.
Eliminate stock-outs and downtime with our automatic replenishment and advanced item tracking features.