Vending Solution for Information Technology Equipment

Dispense IT Equipment as needed, and NEVER worry about theft again.

vending for it equipment

24/7 access to your IT equipment

Get your tech equipment and supplies in one click

Never worry about a supply emergency again. With SecuraStock’s innovative vending systems you can rest assured that your technology is always on hand when you need it most.

Say goodbye to lost revenue and stolen goods. Whether you are a tech workplace, or a workplace that uses technology, IT equipment and supplies are imperative to get through day-to-day operations.

Monitor who is using this equipment and when using SecuraStock’s vending cabinet with our innovative software that will tell you exactly who used a product, when they retrieved from the machine and if or when it was returned.

No need to worry about who you can trust to leave a key with. Supplies are accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We offer a no-theft guarantee, and to this date, theft has never been reported.

SecuraStock Will Save You Money And Time

Protect your supplies and equipment by providing 24-7 access.


Dispense the motherboard, graphics card, ventilation fans and more and dispense within seconds.


From USB drives to cables and screen cleaners, you will never worry about downtime due to lack of inventory.


Audio and visual equipment can take up valuable space, and our vending machines are built to store them, and vend them.

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