The world’s only flammable vending cabinet with built-in automated inventory control and product tracking.

Secure & Store Flammable & Hazardous Materials

Accommodates most chemicals & solvents; Special magnetized corrosion-proof bins; Motion-sensing security cameras monitors & records; 100% tamper proof with embedded alarm.

Built to Highest Quality Certifications

Meets all NFPA & OSHA Standards (All cabinet enclosure designs comply with current OSHA regulations and are designed in accordance with the standards of NFPA 30, UL/C/I 1275, IFC 3404.), LEED Certified & SMART Certified.

Automatic Tracking & Reporting

Automated product calibration and expiry date tracking; Transaction & activity recording/reporting; Seamless ERP & web system integration.

Safeguard & Automate the Management of your Hazardous Materials with Chem.

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Door Markings on the Diamond Label

SecuraChem comes with NFPA704 label. The end-user needs to mark the label based on what they are storing.  Marking this label with a non-permanent marker would be best.  The numbers or rating would be based on what is being stored in the cabinet.  Frequently Asked Questions on NFPA 704:

Disclaimer: Venting

Venting is not required on cabinets to store most Flammable products. SecuraChem is for storing closed (tubes, aerosols, paint, etc) containers and is not a dispensing construction design. There are no pumps, manual or mechanical, doing any dispensing.  SecuraChem machine isn’t suitable for pump/mechanical dispensation of bulk liquids from inside and should not be used as such.

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