SecuraChem is the world’s only flammable vending cabinet with built-in automated inventory control and product tracking.

SecuraChem avoids chemicals accumulating at work stations and ensures flammable products are stored and returned safely and securely when not in use

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Don’t let the product expire until it’s too late
Make sure products don’t accumulate by workstations and returned back into proper storage on time
Increase your chances to be and stay in compliance
Assure employees use the right protection they might not realize they need, when removing certain hazardous products
Store both hazardous and non-hazardous items in same space (like gloves and acetone)
Products stay organized with proprietary separation system of dividers
New employees don’t need in-depth training, the machine auto-detects new employees and provides on the stop tutorial on their first

Click on the + signs on the product image below for features and specs. Slowly rotate the product to reveal more + signs on the side and back of the product.