SecuraStock is our game-changing, state-of-the-art industrial vending machine that will dramatically reduce your cost of vending.

Our proprietary design eliminates the need for thousands of costly mechanisms, motors, and moving parts found in traditional coil, carousel, scale, and locker vending systems.

The result is the lowest-cost, highest-capacity, easiest-to-use/service maintenance-free industrial vending unit in the world.

Your employees can get the supplies they need and go back to work as quick as possible – an average transaction at the machine lasts about 15 seconds.
Up to 200 flexible SKU storage positions that can easily store 1,000’s of items. Store items as small as a washer and as big as a sledgehammer.
Using our optional Power Charging Station, you can recharge the products while they wait to be checked-out.
If you have a 2x5 feet of space, you can place a mini-storeroom stocked with hundreds of items and thousands of pieces.
Manage product supplied by multiple vendors, seamlessly.
Manage inventory and enjoy auto replenishment.
Reduce usage and waste.
Reduce the need to take more products than employees can use.
Using our Machine and Equipment tracking, you can determine which of your assets have the highest repair costs.
Assign Jobs or Work Orders to transactions to properly allocate costs and control supply usage.
Assure the right employees obtain the correct PPE.
SecuraStock Cordless: Unplug AC Power and wheel the machine from station to station while using battery backup power.
New employees don’t need in depth training, the machine auto-detects new user and provides an on- the-go tutorial during their first few times using it.
Pin-point video accuracy leaves no question at to who accessed the machine and what items were taken., View transaction videos with a single click.
Machine made to fit through normal doorways, no need to take your building apart to install it.
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