Revolutionize Your Inventory Management with SecuraStock: The Affordable, Secure, and Easy-to-Use Industrial Vending Solution

Our patented vending machine offers a range of unique features that make it the most affordable and easiest to use automated industrial vending solution in the world. With its intuitive interface, customizable options, and advanced security features, our vending machine streamlines inventory management and helps reduce waste and shrinkage. Contact us today to learn more about how our patented vending solution can transform your operations.

Intentionally Designed for Fast, Easy, and Secure Inventory Management

SecuraStock is engineered with intention, boasting features such as easy access and restocking, industrial-grade quality, low-cost, high-capacity vending, and guaranteed security with motion tracking cameras to ensure your inventory is managed fast, easily, and securely.

Base Package Includes: Crate, Universal Badge Reader, Industrial Keypad, Scanner, Monitor, $350 Bin Allowance, Cabinet, 4 Cameras, DVR, CPU, Power Supply, Battery Backup, Connectivity Switches, 4K LED Lights.


Patented shelf system stores up to 250 skus in highly visible, magnetized bins on adjustable shelves.


Reliable equipment made from heavy gauge steel with few moving parts; backed by a three-year warranty


Competitively priced, high-capacity unit offers very low per SKU vending cost.


Four motion tracking cameras record transactions and stop theft; backed by our money back guarantee.


All systems are equipped with our best-in-class inventory management software suite, SecuraSmart.

Dimension Perspective

Although the machine looks slender it has the capacity to hold 2-4 coil machines worth of SKUs


Our Point of Use Machines can fit through every standard doorway, making transporting to final destination easy.  Once it is in it's final destination leveling legs will ensure a level fit for most terrain.


The depth of our SecuraStock is 26" making it easy for the average person's reach to access all corners of the machine without issue.


SecuraStock uses minimal amount of components involved in the day to day functions reducing the downtime and replacement costs.  When maintenance is required the full capacity of the SecuraStock is available for use unlike the competing coil and carousel machines where portions are left idle until repair.

Flexible Configurations to Meet Your Toughest Requirements

Enhance the functionality of this system with our precision-engineered add-ons. Designed for businesses seeking streamlined operations, our add-ons offer increased flexibility, advanced security measures, and expanded storage capacity. Integrate the SecuraTower Add-on or SecuraLocker Add-on effortlessly. With the capacity to incorporate up to 3 add-ons, adapt your system to meet specific operational demands. 

Not sure what product you need? Our Product Selector helps you find the right solution for your business.

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We’re so confident in our security that we’ll pay for any theft experienced or offer a full refund. Period.

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