Streamline Inventory Management with SecuraTrack: The Affordable and Flexible Solution for Any Location

Take control of your customers' MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) mess with SecuraTrack, the affordable and flexible inventory management solution. With low out-of-pocket costs and a low cost-per-SKU, SecuraTrack provides you with unlimited access to your inventory data 24/7, no matter where you are in the world. Implementation is fast and hassle-free, allowing you to import your items, print barcode labels, and get started right away.  Say goodbye to stockouts and overconsumption with SecuraTrack's comprehensive inventory management capabilities. Eliminate the complexities and streamline your inventory management process with SecuraTrack today.

Designed for Easy Inventory Management

SecuraTrack offers a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to convert any area into a seamlessly managed inventory location, streamlining your operations and optimizing resource utilization.

Base Package Includes: Crate, Scanner, Monitor, 13”X13” Steel Cube, CPU, Power Supply, Battery Backup, Connectivity Switches

Manage any inventory

SecuraTrack allows any area to be converted to a managed inventory location. 


Reliable equipment made from heavy gauge steel with few moving parts; backed by a three-year warranty


Entry level pricing and unlimited SKUs deliver a winning combination for your basic inventory management needs. 


Flexible authentication options allow users to easily log in, scan the items they need, and continue on their way. 


All systems are equipped with our best-in-class inventory management software suite, SecuraSmart.

Flexible Configurations to Meet Your Toughest Requirements

The SecuraTrack platform is highly flexible and can be added to your fleet of vehicles or used as a portable solution.


SecuraStation is the ultimate portable inventory management solution, designed to enhance efficiency in cribs and Point of Use (POU) free-issue areas. With its built-in 4-hour backup battery, SecuraStation ensures uninterrupted operation even in the absence of power supply or internet connectivity. This versatile solution empowers you to manage inventory on the move, providing flexibility and convenience. Plus, with no limitations on the number of SKUs, you can confidently scale your inventory management operations.


With SecuraFleet, you can elevate your fleet of vehicles to a new level of efficiency by adding powerful automated inventory management capabilities on the road. Convert any vehicle into a secure and automated inventory storeroom, streamlining operations and ensuring inventory availability wherever your fleet goes. The optional badge reader enables controlled access, while the 12V adaptor ensures battery life throughout the day. Stay connected to the internet via cellular modem or Wi-Fi, keeping your inventory management system seamlessly integrated. The multi-item check-in/out feature accommodates both durable goods and consumables, providing comprehensive inventory control on the move. 

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