November 18, 2021

What Is Industrial Vending?

vending machine for industrial suppliesIndustrial vending machines are intelligent and can stock practically any kind of item for asset management. An employee uses its system’s identification for security first using bar codes, proximity cards, biometrics, smart cards, or other methods.

The integrated inventory control system automatically logs transactions which adjust inventories accordingly. It will even track how a machine uses it and provides actionable file data that allows you to improve efficiency and identify areas for cost saving.

Benefits of Industrial Vending

Vend MRO items such as cleaning solutions, cutting tools, safety equipment and specialty tools. As long as supply levels exceed the minimum specified by the software, cloud-based software triggers automatic reconversion to distributers.


The industrial vending system does the recordkeeping automatically just like a tool crib attendant, it can even re-order the products for you! All of this information can be viewed right from your mobile device.


An industrial vending machine allows you to vend small MRO consumables, safety items, shop supplies, or welding equipment. It’s ideal for environments requiring a broad selection of tooling such as carbide and high-speed steel cutting tools, welding consumables, and tool and die parts for stamping operations. Increase accountability by tracking usage at the employee level and limiting quantities that are vended. You can also check-in and check-out high-value returnable items with our locker vending machines


When you automate inventory management, you can replicate best practices across the entire company. This is the most comprehensive way to implement lean inventory management efficiently and effectively. ​

Inventory Control Problems and Solutions

vending solutionsInventory management automation and the use of industrial vending machines help dealers and customers conserve time and money. Instead of costly inventory lying on shelves collecting dust or missing, customers spend less on unnecessary parts a customer has been missing.

Cloud-based inventory management applications offer customers multiple significant advantages. Through effective industrial vending solutions, customers have reduced inventory consumption by up to 30% or more through the reduction of wasted goods.

Although industrial vending machines can be employed in a limitless number of applications, they are most used in the following industries: Construction, Aerospace, Transportation, Automotive, Healthcare, Government and Military Utilities, Service and Hospitality, Manufacturing and Machining.

Missing Inventory

Decrease wasteful spending and maximize the inventory you already have while identifying the exact inventory types being used.

Improve Productivity & Compliance with Inventory & Tool Tracking.

Looking for misplaced materials can be a huge drain on productivity, and missing inventory in highly regulated plants can even bring production to a halt. Our point-of-use inventory and tool tracking solutions use machines and sensors with RFID technology to track where tools are located within a monitored facility – meaning you can see where items are and get them back to their proper location.

As a custom inventory solution, industrial vending machines provide point-of-use inventory management for industrial and safety supplies that employees depend on. These machines allow for more control and security, and more accurate tracking of inventory and budgets. Vending also helps manage consumable spending all while giving employees access to a wide variety of high-use products.

Obsolete Inventory

 A key way to boost the efficiency of any operation is the ability to recognize obsolete items that are surplus to production requirements. This can be a big help in reducing/eliminating slow-moving and obsolete inventory. Automated analytics help rapidly detect rarely used items in the company’s storage facilities.

Inventory Hoarding

Reduce inventory hoarding and overuse, while analyzing usage to maximize inventory availability. Manage Spend and Supply with Inventory Management Software. See what inventory is running low so you only order what you need, when you need it. Decrease wasteful spending and maximize the inventory you already have while identifying the exact inventory types being used. 

Industrial Vending Solutions

Businesses who use products from the following list of industrial tools and components could benefit from using an equipment vending machine to house and dispense:


Distributors are in the business of problem solving, not just selling products. Inventory control software and industrial vending solutions help do just that.

inventory levels

Prevention of Stock-Outs

The use of equipment vending machines facilitates an increased amount of accountability at all levels of production. A tools management system will allow monitoring of high-value tools and components at the employee level. Each item’s status can be monitored from the moment it is dispensed till it is returned to storage.

Also, limits can be set on the quantities of items released at each point to prevent over-usage. Tighter control of tool circulation can be achieved as a result.

Vending machines , lockers , carousel systems , etc. have all become a familiar sight in facilities worldwide, as manufacturers in all sectors have sought to gain control of their inventory, primarily by restricting access to certain items to drive down purchase costs, avoid stock-outs and optimize overall inventory management. 

Inventory Management

MRO & industries vending machines require user pick up the tool required in a touchscreen mounted onto the front of the appliance. The verification system could be scanned manually by employees on tags, using biometrics proximity devices, other electronic devices and others devices.

Once employees identities have been confirmed the machine will disassemble the reliable tool in a few seconds and automatically enter the request details into the machine’s logs. The vending machine stores this data and updates its supply once an item has been returned.

Additionally the machine will collect all of the information on the device if you return it to a user’s computer. It can be used to distribute supplies such as tools, consumables, and parts.

industrial vending options

Industrial Vending is not a phrase people would necessarily understand unless they work in an industrial environment. Typically, vending machines are associated with food or drinks dispensing in the wider context. However, those who are aware of industrial vending would first think of a hardware machine. This is quite normal – after all, you can’t really have industrial vending without it.

There has to be somewhere for the vital components, tools, consumables and other items to be stored so they can be accessed when needed.

Real Time Cloud Technology

Cloud technology allows data from several machines to be aggregated and reported in real time, on any device, giving distributors and their customers a company-wide view of reserve levels and trends that they can segment and analyze by department or employee.

Our industry leading approach of software, hardware and services delivers a three-pronged approach to help you develop, build and grow your inventory management program. Whether you’re a distributor looking to provide a value added service to your customers through a vendor managed inventory (VMI) program, or a manufacturer looking to improve your operational efficiency, our team of experts is here to help.

This information is critical in making restocking decisions or deciding when to discontinue purchase orders for tools that have become obsolete.

Our software systems allow 24/7 access to safety gear and PPE supplies at the point of use. Employees have immediate access to these crucial materials, while the inventory management software automatically maintains quantities and purchase orders to prevent stock-outs. 

Inventory Tracking

Software and vending machines help customers improve their inventory tracking capability and employee accountability, resulting in up to 30% reduction in consumption. Industrial supply vending machines provide benefits such as: No cash or credit card: items can be vended via smart card, PIN or RFID.

With a standardized process and relevant information you can: better bid customer jobs, understand your real-world workflow, trace-back faulty lot controlled items for recalls and forecast supply levels based on actual demand. You always know which item they took, when they took it, what job it was used on and how many were taken. You know where your entire supply is at any given moment with a complete system.

Additionally, our integrated inventory tracking software monitors item usage and inventory levels to make sure the materials needed are always available. This visibility helps prevent stock outs and saves money on items that aren’t being used – meaning you’ll worry less about inventory and get back to what matters. 

Locker Vending Machine

Lockers allow you to check-in and check-out large and bulky items such as power tools, large MRO supplies, and high-cost, returnable items that might not fit in other vending solutions.

Lockers are a more flexible vending solution offering storage for larger items that are not fit for coil or carousel units. It’s also great for tool check-in/check-out management and distributing a wide variety of items.

Tool Dispensing Machines

A portable machine dispenses tools, MRO supplies and much more. You can address the above concerns using an inventory management system.

Inventories can be easily tracked and adjusted based on virtual data generated from the vending machine such as stock outs, shrinkage and hoarding. The vending machines are a tool that dispense tools and supplies. They can also dispense for MRO and other MRO work among other things.

What Makes Industrial Vending Machines Different?

Unlike a candy vending machine, industrial vending machines are different in a lot of ways: Purpose-built for industrial environments. Powerful inventory management software. No cash transactions. Employees login with their existing employee badge. User interface designed for making complex transactions easy.

SecuraStock offers the industry’s broadest variety of technologies and configurations, providing customers with maximum inventory flexibility, safety, and productivity anywhere on the shop floor.

We help companies save time and money with industrial vending solutions. To learn more, read one of our success stories or contact us for more information.