August 15, 2021

What are Industrial Vending Machines and How do they Work?

Companies are at a significant risk of inventory loss as a direct result of lost equipment and supplies, including stolen inventory. Theft of supplies can cost a company thousands of dollars in replacement costs and lost revenue. On the other end of this spectrum, companies are also at risk for an enormous amount of loss due to slow stock turns that come with storing excess inventory on-site.

The modern-day solution is an industrial vending machine, which allows companies to reduce these risks while increasing a company’s inventory.

Why Do Manufacturer’s Use Industrial Vending Machines?

Vending machines are commonly found at convenience stores, grocery stores, and airport terminals. These machines allow the sale of snacks, beverages, toys, and other goods. They have proven to be a very profitable business for their owners but still maintain some risk as many vending machine owners who do not replenish inventory as needed have experienced inventory loss due to theft.

Industrial vending machines are very similar in the way that they operate but there is a much smaller risk of cash or inventory loss. These vending machines will only vend parts and equipment. This allows for companies to reduce their excess inventory by reducing on hand stock to only what is needed for daily operations.

What are the Benefits of a SecuraStock Vending Machine?

  • Eliminate the need for costly motors and parts found in other vending systems
  •  The most maintenance-free unit in the world
  •  Unlimited virtual reporting
  •  track orders by job or work order
  •  100% tamper-proof design
  •  Embedded alarm
  • replaces up to four traditional vending machines
  • 50-70% lower dispensing cost
  • holds over 200 unique items and 2,000 individual pieces


Chemical Vending Machine

The Cabinet:

SecuraChem utilizes a hermetically sealed, triple-layered, multi-door cabinet to provide the highest level of security possible. The cabinet is designed with positive pressure ventilation which uses natural convection current to keep all components inside at a negative pressure to the outside atmosphere. This ensures all exterior air is filtered and filtered air only enters the cabinet from within the box which prevents any risk of contamination or damage. 

The design also includes internal heaters which allow for flammable items to be stored and dispensed at colder storage temperatures, further reducing risks.

The Safety System:

A safety system is integrated into the cabinet which triggers an alarm if any doors are opened without using the vault handle. This prevents accidental release of products, which could release harmful vapors or liquids and cause damage to property.

The Dispensing System:

SecuraChem uses a semi auto-dispensing system that only allows for single item release. Semi-auto ensures each item will be counted for added accountability, while also reducing the risk of a customer gaining access to all items in the cabinet at once.

Tracking Software for Inventory Management

We offer several different types of software to easily track parts and supplies and allows managers to create transaction and inventory reports with ease.  Our software can also track vending machine orders by customer, job or work order to ensure the right parts are delivered at the right time.

With our software, you will be able to receive real-time stock and sales reports on any computer or mobile device which means your data is available from anywhere in the world. This saves time and money in management, which can be used elsewhere in the business.

A great benefit to using our software is that you can manage and track inventory through every aspect of your business including receiving, shipping and the usage within a facility. This reduces time and paperwork because all aspects are linked together for easy management.

SecuraStock machines can hold any item from single-use items to large pallets. Let us help you with your inventory needs and keep your business running smoothly.

Industrial vending machines are a simple win-win solution for companies of all sizes. They require very minimal maintenance, have low costs associated with them, and provide many benefits to the business utilizing their services. With continued use, industrial vending machines will produce an increasing number of profits while reducing the purchase of excess inventory.

Industrial vending machines have proven to be a strong investment for many business owners. If your company has suffered from slow stock turns or thefts, then investing in one of these machines is strongly recommended. It should only take a few months to see increased profits and productivity.

All SecuraStock models come standard with four adjustable shelves that can hold up to 300 lbs. each. Shelves can be adjusted by hand and will remain in place to avoid any shifting while the machine is in operation.

What Industries Would Benefit from SecuraStock Vending Solutions?

SecuraStock venders are rated for almost any application including but not limited to:

Protection From Theft

SecuraStock machines provide protection from theft and abuse by requiring an ID for each purchase. This provides protection from unauthorized personnel, limiting overuse of products and prevents stolen merchandise. The machine can be programmed to vend different prices based on the location. Vendors have the option to set a limit of a maximum number of items that can be purchased. This helps prevent theft and reduces overuse by only allowing for small quantities to be purchased at one time. 

These machines are also set-up to allow companies to sell directly from their warehouse instead of having an expensive retail location that is full of inventory. This allows the company to save money by reducing the amount of retail space they need to maintain with all their products in stock. 

The machines are also set up to vend from warehouses which allow for convenient purchasing options even if there is only one employee working at that location.

Industrial vending machines provide a service that is needed to reduce business risks while increasing profits for your company. These are some of the many reasons why industrial vending machines should be deployed into your facilities.